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Party Policies

We just want to be up front!

Please remind your guests that we do not allow shoes on the playroom floor and socks are required, even for adults. (We recommend grippy socks!) Any socks handed out to your guests will be added to your final bill. ($2.00 per) You are welcome to bring extra socks for your guests.

You will receive a confirmation email the week of your party to remind you of these policies and to confirm all of the details of your party. Please keep an eye out for this email and your prompt response is appreciated.

Our party room seats 16 children. Furniture can be re-arranged to accommodate up to 20 children. Please let us know ahead of time how many children you are expecting.

MAX CAPACITY: 50 people

There will be a $5 charge for each extra person over 50 people.

  • Items we do not provide:

-Plates, cutlery or napkins for food

-Plates or cutlery for cakes brought in by the customer

-Candles or lighters (No firework or sparkler candles allowed)

-Refrigeration or ice

-Cups for beverages brought in from outside

-Tablecloth’s for food tables (unless requested ahead of time)

  • Party Schedule:

          -30 minutes of set up time prior to the party

-1 hour of play time

-45 minutes in the party room

-15 minutes of clean up/goodbye time

*Please be aware that we schedule several parties in a day and it is important to stick to the provided schedule and not go over your time. Extra time is $75 per half hour. If you go over your time, you will be charged for extra time.

  • When the party is over, you are welcome to pull your vehicle around back to suite K to load up gifts and food.


Allowed Decor: banners, backdrops, helium balloons, tablecloths, table centerpieces, fairy lights & signage (Please see "Add On Item's" at the bottom of the Party page if you wish to rent or purchase any of these items through us)

Not Allowed: balloon arches or garlands brought from home or from another vendor. If you would like to add on a balloon garland to your party, please visit our "Balloons" page for pricing and information. Due to time constraints between parties, we do not allow balloon installations from other vendors. Starting July 1, 2023 a $50 fee will apply to any party brining in outside balloons (exclude helium and mylar balloons)

  • There is absolutely NO eating or drinking on our play floors, including adults, your guest will be asked to move into the designated food and drink areas. Guests can eat/drink at any of our white bistro tables or in the party room. Using our pony walls as a table for food & drink will not be allowed. Damage or stains to equipment caused by food and drink spills will be the customers responsibility.

  • No toys or dress up items are allowed in the party room so they don't get damaged by food & drink.

  • Please, no face paint, and if you have outside vendors coming in please notify  us ahead of time. (ex. clown, balloon artist, princess, magician etc.)  We will need a copy of their licenses and insurance before the party.

  • No sparkler candles are allowed.

  • If you are bringing a banner to hang on our greenery wall, you will need to bring thumb tacks to secure it to the wall. We try to have some on hand but we don't always.

  • If you would like to re-arrange our furniture (tables, chairs, benches)  please ask your party host to move the furniture for you. 

  • Adults and Children MUST take shoes off  & wear socks (newborns - adults) We do recommend grippy socks, however they are not required. We have some available to purchase at the counter if guests forget theirs. Any socks given out to party guests will be added onto your final bill.

  • All party guests with children under the age of 18 are required to have a liability waiver on file for the party. We recommend you send them this link ahead of time for them to fill out.

  • Link to waiver

  • Please be aware of timing upon arrival and clean up. All parties are allowed a 30 minute set up/decorating time before the party starts. Clean up time is built into your party time. Additional fees will be added for arriving before your 30 minute set up time and leaving passed your scheduled party time. There will be a $75 flat fee for going over your time.

  • Outside food & drink is permitted during parties. We ask that you let us know ahead of time if you will be bringing extra food & drink so that we can provide an area for it. Dry finger foods are best. We ask that you do not bring any messy foods or foods that require heating or refrigeration. Kids Corner staff is not responsible for serving any food other than pizza and cupcakes (if ordered through us) at parties. If you or your child has food allergies, please speak with our staff so that we may accommodate you.

  • Adults attending your party may use the bistro tables around our play space to sit at, however we do not have a dedicated "Adult" seating area in or near the party room, other than benches. The party room is designed to hold a maximum of 20 children (with toddler sized chairs only). We just want you to be aware of how much space you and your adults guests will have in the party room so you can consider this when planning your party. Space can become tight if you are trying to entertain and feed 30 adults on top of 20 children in the party room. For this reason we recommend keeping food time focused on the children only. 

  • If your party needs to be canceled you will lose your security deposit unless you reschedule.

  • If you need to reschedule your party, it must be rescheduled on a date within 30 calendar days of the original event date or the deposit will be lost. Rescheduled parties may have to be on a week night depending on availability. 

  • If you are booking a private event, guests are allowed to be over the age of 6 years old, however please keep in mind that our equipment is designed for ages 0-6 and you will be responsible for any broken equipment during your event. Rough housing and misuse of equipment will not be tolerated. You assume all costs related to damage of equipment caused by your party guests.

  • Only 4 children are allowed in the bounce castle at one time. The bounce castle is for ages 1-6 years of age ONLY.

  • All reusable decor, including custom decor, are considered rentals and will remain in the possession of Kids Corner after the party is over.

  • We are NOT responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen decor or goods brought in from outside.

  • Because balloon artistry is a part of our business, we kindly ask that you not bring any outside balloon garlands in with the exception of helium balloons. We do not have a helium tank on site and can not blow up your helium balloons. We can not blow up balloon garland kits that are purchased off of Amazon, Etsy, etc. If you would like to add on a balloon garland to your package, please let us know.

  • During Semi-private parties, our Play Area will remain open to the public as long as we are under capacity. You will have private use of our party room, however the rest of the space, including nursing room, restroom facilities and ALL seating areas will be available for public use. If possible, we ask that no more than one parent accompany children attending the party to help us not exceed our capacity.

  • If your guests decide to take or break any of our equipment, toys or party decor, you will be responsible to pay for our replacement order, which may include bulk orders if the item is not an individual purchase.

  • All "Play Time Policies"  apply during parties. Please familiarize yourself with these policies.

  • Current Membership holders will receive priority booking and 10% off all party packages.

  • Kids Corner reserves the right to change our policies and what is included in the party packages at any time and ample notice will be given if any such changes occur. No refunds to deposits will be given for cancellations.


These policies are written here, on the party bookings page, they're laminated in the store, they are on the invoice & and in the confirmation email we send out the week of the party. If you choose to not read these policies at any of the five chances you are given to read them, then that falls on you. We don't want to be the fun police, but we really just want to be up front and help your big day go as smoothly as possible.

By placing your deposit with us, you are agreeing to these policies listed above.

Thank you for choosing Kids Corner as your birthday party destination! We are so excited to host your party! Please let us know if you need anything from us, or have any questions.


Thank you,

Kids Corner Staff

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