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Some things to know before you play...

  • GRIPPY socks are required for all children playing in our space. Grippy socks are socks with rubber grips on the bottom. 

  • Grippy socks are not included in the price of your play pass and are an additional $2 per pair if you wish to purchase them at our store.

  • Gym clothes are recommended for playing in our space because clothing adorment like zippers, buttons, etc. can puncture the upholstery on our soft play equipment.

  • Our play place is for children ages 0 months to 6 years old only.  Children over the age of 6 are not permitted to play on equipment during open play hours. Children over the age of 6 are welcome to assist in pretend play as adults do, use our art room or hang out in any of our seating areas.

  • Rough housing and disrespectful use of our equipment will not be tolerated. Our playground is designed to be purposeful and parent led. Please think of our space as an enrichment activity and not as a recess.

  • Adult Supervision is required at all times in our space, but especially in the art room for all art and sensory activities including but not limited to coloring, painting, kinetic sand and play dough. All materials in this room must remain in this room. Please clean up after your child plays with art supplies and sensory items.

  • If a child is repeatedly behaving in a way that is dangerous to himself or others, or purposefully damaging our space & equipment,  we will ask that you remove your child from the situation and come back to play another day when they are ready to make better choices.

  • If a child or parent is repeatedly behaving disrespectfully, whether that be inappropriate use of toys & equipment, being verbally disrespectful, or behaving in any way that is disruptive to other guests, you may be asked to leave.

  • During our "Sensory Friendly" hours, we ask that you be mindful of children with Autism and other Sensory Processing Disorders. We strive to create a calm and inclusive play environment, so please limit loud phone conversations, playing loud videos on your phone, or any other activity that may be disruptive.

  • All children MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian while at the facility and inside the play area.

  • We have lots of crawlers in our space; for sanitary reasons, all guests including adults are REQUIRED to take shoes off & wear socks. If you do not have any with you, you can purchase a pair at our front desk. We do recommend grippy socks.

  • Parents and caregivers must watch children AT ALL TIMES. We are not a drop-off center or child care facility.  We encourage interactive play with your child.

  • We ask that you only bring a stroller into our facility if absolutely necessary. Wheels of a stroller are equivalent to shoes, as they are not sanitary on our floors. They are also a tripping hazard.  No strollers are to be parked in our entry area, as it is a fire hazard. If you must bring a stroller, it can be parked outside our front door.

  • Guest are welcome to bring in their own food to be eaten at one of the white tables or in a highchair ONLY. No food is allowed on the play floor.  Please do not use our pony wall tops as a table for your drinks. Please clean up after yourself and your child.

  • If your child is visibly sick or has not been fever-free for over 48 hours, we kindly ask that you please do not bring your child into Kids Corner and consider the health and well-being of our other guests.

  • We understand that many of our guests are at the age where they are potty training. We ask that all children wear appropriate clothing and accident-proof undergarments during their time in our play space. This is to help to keep our facility as clean as possible and for the safety and health of all of our guests. If a potty accident happens in our ball pit, we will have to shut down for the entire day.

  • Our restroom and nursing room offer changing tables. Please do not change your child in the play space or party room at any time. We ask that parents and caregivers consider the health and well being of our other guests, as well as the cleanliness of the space.


Thank you for reading our play time policies. We want Kids Corner to be a fun place, but we also want our space treated with respect and for our equipment to last a long time.

Kids Corner staff reserves the right to refuse service to anyone not following the rules we have set in place.

Welcome to Kids Corner 

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